Alabama Medicaid’s New Medical and Quality Review Services

We're Here to Help

Kepro is honored to serve as Alabama Medicaid’s Medical and Quality Review Services contractor!

Since October 1, 2021, Kepro has been performing high quality reviews with low turnaround times for:
  • Prior Authorization Requests
  • Hospice Admissions/Recertifications
  • Nursing Homes
  • ICF/IID Facilities
  • PHEC and Swing Beds

Our excellent team of experienced clinical reviewers are residents of the great State of Alabama and take pride in their work for both Medicaid providers and the recipients they serve! Portrait of a smiling customer service representative with an afro at the computer using headset

Please note: Kepro's updated toll-free numbers: (800) 426-7259 and (833) 928-4489 for both Providers and Recipients. 800-472-2902 is no longer a working number.